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Spunta la luna

Posted at — May 14, 2014

In 1991, I was living in Arese (close to Milan) together with my family. My parents were teachers at the Swedish School there. In that year the Swedish singer Carola won the Eurovision Song Contest, but in Italy of course nobody cared, why should they? We were soon taught that there was another song contest that was more important in this country: Festival di Sanremo. So, we watched the show and later on even bought the CD with all the songs. It turned out to be a big hit in our family; played frequently even after we returned home to Sweden. One of the tracks that I liked the most was a song that I later found out had become sort of the anthem of Sardinia. And to my surprise, each and every Italian I ran into seemed to know it. Often when I meet my sister, one of us sooner or later starts singing it spontaneously, and the other one laughs and sing along. Here it is: “Spunta la luna dal monte”.