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Langa Langa Stars

Posted at — May 17, 2014

Soukous from the early 80’s: Langa Langa Stars > “Langa Langa Stars were a popular DR Congo soukous band in the 1980s. The band had the peculiarity of featuring as much as seven lead vocalists, nicknamed the “7 Patrons of Langa Langa Stars”. Langa Langa Stars were founded in 1981 as a spin-off of Papa Wemba’s band Viva La Musica, which in turn may be described as a spin-off of the seminal soukous band Zaiko Langa Langa; it can thus be classified in the so-called “Clan Langa Langa”, a large set of soukous bands that are directly or indirectly derivative of Zaiko. The “7 Patrons” were Esperant Djenga Ka, Djuna Djanana, Emeneya Mubiala, Dindo Yogo (all 4 of them ex-Viva La Musica), Evoloko Jocker, Djo Mali and Bozi Boziana (all 3 ex-Zaiko Langa Langa). In the early 1980s the Langa Langa Stars were one of the most popular soukous band in Congo. Their dance style sansaku became a craze of the times. They disbanded in 1984.”

(from Wikipedia)